Tuesday, 25 February 2020

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Welcome to South West Maritime Archaeological Group

Bronze Age finds
Digging for Britain "Alice Roberts" with the team
Bronze Age copper & tin ingots
Cunard Silver
Award at the Palace
BBC's Neil Oliver and the team
Keith Muckelroy Award 2015

Over the years the team have come across many artefacts. The most noteworthy are those from the "Bronze Age" demonstrating the early trade by sea between the British isles and Europe / Mediterranean.

During the 17th Century there were many ships visiting the Devon coast and one such mystery ship revealed Moroccan gold. Was it a trader or Barbary pirate ship trading white slaves?

The age of sail in the "19th Century" meant there were many ships carrying goods around the coast as well as overseas. One such ship now lies on the seabed off Salcombe.

The first & second world wars contributed to the loss of thousands of ships off the British coast in the "20th Century “and many of the artefacts from these tell their own story.

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