Tuesday, 25 February 2020

English Heritage Plaque Unveiling, Gara Rock Hotel South Devon


Over the past forty one years, the seas off Gara Rock have been vevealing our maritime secrets going back over 3000 years. To bring public awareness to nthe heritage, the Gara Rock hotel in conjunction with English Heritage agreed to establish a plaque overlooking the sea from the hotel,s terrace. This plaque shows a map of the UK with all protected wreck sites and details of the two protected sites being monitored by SWMAG.

The unveling of the plaque was done by the local MP Sarah Wollaston and the event was attended by the Mayor of Kingbridge, Irene Jeeninga and Sir Jeffery & Lady Newman as well curators from Exeter, Plymouth, and Salcombe Museums. Also attending were representitives from local history groups and the Prawle Coastwatch. The Prawle Coastwatch station, overlooking the site, has played a pivital role in policing the sites over the years. Despite poor the event was well attended with no rain for the unveiling.