The following are publications about the teams efforts

Trading Places

Benjamin Roberts and Charlotte Veysey explain the significance of a Bronze Age shipwreck found off the coast of Devon

Coins of Sa'dian Sharifs

This paper by Venetia Porter of the British Musuem, discusses an important find made by a group of English divers exploring the coast of Devon

Tin ingots from a probable Bronze Age shipwreck off the coast of Salcombe, Devon: Composition and microstructure

The seabed site of a probable Bronze Age shipwreck off the coast of Salcombe in south-west England was explored between 1977 and 2013. Nearly 400 objects including copper and tin ingots, bronze artefacts/ fragments and gold ornaments were found.


They lay on the sea bed, 530km apart, for over 3,000 years. Hundreds of metal objects from Moor Sand, Devon and Langdon Bay, Kent now promise unique insights into the world of bronze age Europe. David Parham, Stuart Needham and Michael Palmer report. T

Emily Loughton Dissertation

This paper hopes to explore this bronze age working in the area of the erme estuary and how likely it is that the tin ingots found by the South West Maritime Archaeological Group are from the British bronze age date.