On October 12th, 1627, a convoy of seven Dutch VOC ships had left Holland for the Indies, when they ran into a gale off the Needles on Isle of Wight in Hampshire. Two of the ships ran aground after seeking shelter in the Solent and were lost. these were the Vliegende Draeck and the Campen. The Campen was a wood ship of about 300 tons.

The Vliegende’s cargo was saved, but only a couple thousand silver coins in two chests were recovered from the Campen, leaving about 8,000 coins to be found later. Diver, Jacob de Duiker, salvaged some 2365 reales and 6,660kg of lead in the between 1627-1628. The wreck was found again in 1979 where around 8000 silver coins were recovered. Most of them were Dutch “lion” daalders, rarely seen today.

The following image of a restored Lion Daalder.