‘Britannia Royal Naval College Open Day’ 27th July 2019

In May 2019 SWMAG was invited by the 1st Lieutenant of the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth to provide their Mobile Display at the College’s Open Day on Saturday 27th July.

The hot sunny day drew over 2000 visitors and a lot of interest was shown in the work of SWMAG.

It is planned that a team from the Royal Naval College will be assisting SWMAG on the Salcombe Sites in 2020.

Britannia Open Day, visitors fascinated by history of finds

Britannia Open Day, artefacts created a lot of interest.

Strete Village Day 3rd August 2019

On Saturday 3rd August 2019 SWMAG set up their full static display board presenting to the public the work that has been carried out on the Salcombe and Erme Estuary Sites over the last 30 years.

Children visiting the display were given the chance to use the metal detector to find a coin (a Ten Cash trade token from the Admiral Gardner) if successful they were then given a signed certificate by a SWMAG member and the coin to take to their school,

SWMAG believe that is way to encourage future divers and Marine Archaeologists.

‘Strete Village Day’

‘Strete Village Day’

South West Maritime Archaeological Group


Blackawton Primary School, near Dartmouth 2019

SWMAG member Ron Howell paid two visits to the School after being invited by the Principle to give a talk to two different age groups on the work of SWMAG. Ron adapted the Power Point presentations to fall into line with their studies and topics the children were working on.

The talks were hugely successful and very helpful for the children to link diving adventure to the history and time periods of objects discovered in the SWMAG shipwrecks. Several more schools have expressed an interest in the talks and it is anticipated that more school visits will be made in 2020.


Outreach to the next generation