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White Slaves Pirate Gold

The story of a Salcombe shipwreck has been taken up by documentary film makers, and will be seen on BBC 2 next Friday. The film crew commissioned tests on the one piece of timber recovered, which suggest a north African origin.

The gold will go on display at the British Museum from January 14. The museum historians describe it as: “A unique find in the history of Britain. It provides us with tangible evidence of a flourishing trade taking place between Morocco and Europe from the late 16th century. The fragmentary condition of the gold jewellery and ingots suggests that this may have been a hoard of bullion, exported with the intent of melting it down. The identity of the ship is not known: it may have been an English or Dutch vessel, or a ship of the Barbary pirates.”

Digging for Britain 1.2 Pre History

Dr Alice Roberts takes a journey from Orkney to Devon, by land, sea and air. In Norfolk, flint tools unearthed this year push the earliest human occupation back by 200,000 years, to around a million years ago. In Orkney an early farm yields glimpses of our ancestors’ earliest religious beliefs and customs – cattle skulls buried within building walls, and tiny household goddesses. In Devon, she joined the South West Maritime Archaeological Group who found one of the oldest known shipwrecks. And a bronze age burial holds a mystery- and touching evidence of grief echoing down over 2000 years.

A History of Celtic Britain (Series 2 Age of Iron Episode 1 of 4)

Neil Oliver joins the team to dive the Moosand protected wrecksite on site off the coast of Devon. He is seen above with the teams archaeologist David Parham from Bournemouth University.

‘Diving For Prehistoric Copper’

Neil dives off the Devon coast at the site of a 3000 year old Bronze age shipwreck. The ship was carrying copper and tin; the raw materials for bronze making.

The BBC One Show

Salcombe wreck at risk           Dan Snow

English Heritage has earmarked a Devon shipwreck it wants to protect from further damage. Gold treasure, including a large haul of Islamic coins, was found in 1995 at the Salcombe Cannon site.

Pushing the Lottery Button

The team pushing the Lottery Button